“One woman”

Keeping to one woman is a small price for so much as seeing one woman.

Orthodoxy (1910).

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  2. extraordinary. He makes being faithful make sense! We’re faithful to someone (something)–because we like it. What a great thing it is to like/love something…. so why not go on liking it and loving it (be faithful).

    What a way with words.
    Here, here for Chesterton.

  3. and the wonderful thing about only seeing one woman is that she becomes the most beautiful woman you have ever seen

  4. But it needs to be the one woman you originally asked (and she consented) to be your wife. She is your “congregation” and to leave her is to abandon your congregation which Christ did not do but gave up his life for “her” (us). He did not do it because “she” (we) was/is the most beautiful woman. Take a look at us – do we look by God’s standards of spiritual beauty to be very attractive at this point? We are becoming “beautiful” because He is helping us to be so. Any husband who comes before the Lord on Judgement day trying to present his “bride beautiful and adorned” who is not his covenant, the wife of his youth, is going to have to face what Jesus said about the permanence of marriage. I say to all my brothers, do not mock God about this. I say it to you in love because love is sincere and hates what is bad. Too many are trying to present marriages that are not valid in God’s eyes but are legal by a piece of paper or some machination of annulment loopholes. Ok. You may have finally found the one who “suits” you. But that is not what God requires. Before it is too late, ask God to help you repent and restore your real marriage. And if you must wait for that alone, then to do so in God’s strength, knowing you are helping God give an answer to the one “who is taunting Him” that you would not be faithful if it was hard. But do not seek your own pleasure only to stumble “little ones” who might follow your example. Please Read and take encouragement from the scriptures. Please Read Chesterton’s The Superstition of Divorce.

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