Loyalty is probably best to be defined somewhat thus: it is the sentiment due to those things to which our obligation is in a sense infinite — that is, cannot be calculated as for barter, and can only be expressed by a general and final dedication of the affections. Thus a man owes a loyalty to his mother, even if she takes to drink or to party politics, because nothing short of seeing her through any of her troubles could be commensurate with a gift which is mystical and absolute: the gift of life itself and of life given at the risk of death.

The Illustrated London News, 11 November 1911.

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  1. Hey, it’s been awhile since the last update. I hope you’re not running short of material? I always look forward to my weekly dose of Chesterton.

    – A grateful reader

  2. Thanks for missing the blog! Last week’s post was dropped due to a time crunch, but I do have a large sheaf of quotes in the queue. Wednesday is the usual day on which I post something.

  3. Good to hear. Thanks for doing this! I’ve been introduced to some of my favorite Chestertonian ideas via this blog.

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