A blessing

I live in an age of varied powers and knowledge,
Of steam, science, democracy, journalism, art;
But when my love rises like a sea,
I have to go back to an obscure tribe and a slain man
To formulate a blessing.

 The Notebook.

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  1. Interesting that you should post this, as I’ve been having a number of debate with atheists recently who seem to believe that wonder is a good and true and natural reaction to the universe, so long as you do not look to high up. Be filled with a spirit of praise and thanks, just so long as you do not go so far as to actually try praising or thanking Anything.

  2. Chesterton would agree with the first part of your friends’ notion, but not the second!

  3. For the first thing the casual critic will say is “What nonsense all this is; do you mean that a poet cannot be thankful for grass and wild flowers without connecting it with theology; let alone your theology?” To which I answer, “Yes; I mean he cannot do it without connecting it with theology, unless he can do it without connecting it with thought. If he can manage to be thankful when there is nobody to be thankful to, and no good intentions to be thankful for, then he is simply taking refuge in being thoughtless in order to avoid being thankless.”


  4. (GKC’s autobiography, of course. 🙂 )

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