On hot weather

The chief gift of hot weather to me is the somewhat unpopular benefit called a conviction of sin. All the rest of the year I am untidy, lazy, awkward, and futile. But in hot weather I feel untidy, lazy, awkward, and futile. Sitting in a garden-chair in a fresh breeze under a brisk grey and silver sky, I feel a frightfully strenuous fellow: sitting on the same garden-chair in strong sunshine, it begins slowly to dawn on me that I am doing nothing. In neither case, of course, do I get out of the chair. But I resent that noontide glare of photographic detail by the ruthless light of which I can quite clearly see myself sitting in the chair. I prefer a more grey and gracious haze, something more in the Celtic-twilight style, through which I can only faintly trace my own contours, vast but vague in the dusk and distance.

The Illustrated London News, 11 June 1910.

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  1. Must be an English thing. When it hits 30+ Celsius here, laziness and untidiness are all I can accomplish. And lots of sweating and general grossness. Mystic Celtic fog is about the only condition under which I can get work done.

  2. I think we hit 41C today. I simply sit and sweat.

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