This is the blunder of the cynics when they say that idealists do not succeed. Idealists, consistent idealists, succeed much better than anyone else, because no man can be at ease in the presence of his own neglected ideal. Men are always fidgeting and shifting a little nearer to the high seat where the fanatic sits. When once a man has been called an impracticable visionary, he is practically bound to be a success. The moment a thing has been called impossible, something sporting in the soul of man takes the bet and resolves to bring the thing about.

The Illustrated London News, 29 June 1912.

(Hat-tip: Irish Chesterton Society)

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  1. ah.. thank you for this. I fear I become more and more idealist which seems to not make sense as one approaches their (gasp) middle years

  2. Lovely to hear from you again, Renee! The pictures on your blog are fantastic, as usual.

  3. Ha ha ha! I was reading this and thinking, Wow! We picked exactly the same passage!!!

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