“How splendid they all are!”

The whole of life becomes so very jolly and livable when once we have believed in original sin. If we believe (as some, I am told, do today) that every man is born innocent – then I can only say that to such a believer every man must appear a devil. The words of the wildest pessimist, of the wildest diabolist, seem hardly equal to expressing the vastness of that inventive villainy. By what abominable cleverness, by what hateful wit, did that sinless child contrive to twist himself into such a terror as an ordinary man? But if we realize all ordinary men to be at one ordinary disadvantage, how simple all their struggles become! The ordinary man can be considerate towards the ordinary man as one private soldier is towards another engaged against the same enemy. If once men are under original sin, how splendid they all are!

The Illustrated London News, 27 January 2006.

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  1. Excellent! I’ll have to add this in with quote about how Original Sin is the only empirically provable doctrine of Christianity in my defense of why I believe in it.

    Of course, I also throw in my own two cents: I’ve worked in retail.

  2. Ha!

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